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305 Alexander St, Vancouver, bc


I went for a nice little lunch at Two Chefs the other day. Tucked away, off the beaten track on Alexander street, I feel like I’m visiting a friends house when I come here. It’s very cozy inside with lovely decor and a friendly vibe.


Grilled Salmon burger, Basil Mayo, Cucumber.

I’ve been to Two Chefs many times for brunch, but this was my first lunch experience. They did not disappoint. The menu had many tasty treats, it was hard to decide! I went with the Salmon Burger (half fries, half salad). Look at the delicious hunk of salmon! Tasty and filling.


Chimmichurru Chicken Wrap: Chipotle mayo, roasted chicken, cheddar, tomato, rice

The chicken wrap was tasty as well, but I had to snap this pic so fast before it was demolished! The fact that there’s just the “two chefs” in the open-style kitchen means that you often have to wait awhile for your food to be ready, so we were starving by the time our food came. But, no complaints, I like this place.. good people.. a nice time was had by all.

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1583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC


This past week I had my cousin from Jersey City, NJ visiting , so I needed to impress her with Vancouver’s scenery and foods. I’ve always heard good things about Cardero’s, but never been, probably because I’m not really a Coal Harbour kind of girl. But, Cardero’s has it all; beautiful waterfront views, fresh seafood and a weekday “Mussel mania” deal where you get mussels, fries and a pint for $12.


Unfortunately, I guess I didn’t read the fine print, and we arrived two hours early for “Mussel Mania”. Too hungry to wait, we stayed and resigned ourselves to paying double the price. Wah wah… anyways, it was delicious.

Mussels Oceanwise coconut curry sauce, Asian herbs

Oceanwise, coconut curry sauce, Asian herbs

IMG_6454 IMG_6456

Thanks Cardero’s! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Delicious.

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1408 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC


Time for a little Pho!!!! We went to Red Pagoda on a cold, crisp winter’s day, after a delightful morning snow-shoeing adventure up at Mount Seymour.


Classy lil’ Pagoda

Red Pagoda doesn’t fit the mould for a typical Vancouver Vietnamese restaurant, but it’s on Commercial Drive, so that’s to be expected. Prices are slightly more than some other local Pho-eateries, but you won’t be disappointed by quantity or flavour! And you could take a date here because it’s not a grimy hole-in-the-wall.


#26 Seafood and Pork Soup
(Sub veggies for pork)


#17 Pagoda Hot and Sour Soup

Both the soups we tried were deeeeeliiciousss! Especially the Hot and Sour… I recommend!

Thanks Red Pagoda for the hot, tasty soups! NOM NOM

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1018 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC


The Reef has been around for a long time at its Main St. location, and just a few years ago a second location opened up on Commercial Dr.

The Reef has always been a fun spot. Decor is like a tiki hut/surf shop/beach shack, the music is reggae and they specialize in delicious rum cocktails available by the pitcher.

Stocked Bar

Stocked Bar

The Reef is a Caribbean restaurant, but it also makes a great breakfast, one of my favorites on the Drive. One of the best things about eating at The Reef is that they bring you these things called “Johnny Cakes” at the beginning of every meal. Johnny Cakes are these amazing little balls of deep fried dough… sort of like a donut hole, but more savory. And they come with coconut butter. They probably have about a million calories per ball, but don’t worry they only bring you one per person.



Sam Lords Breakfast

Sam Lords Breakfast:
Two free range eggs any style with your choice of bacon, veggie or jerk chicken sausage. Served with hash browns & multi grain toast.

Kingston Quesadilla:Flour tortilla stuffed with jerk chicken or with tofu (whole wheat tortilla), peppers, cheddar & refried beans with fresh tomato salsa & sour cream. Served with plantain chips or organic greens.

Kingston Quesadilla:
Flour tortilla stuffed with jerk chicken or with tofu (whole wheat tortilla), peppers, cheddar & refried beans with fresh tomato salsa & sour cream. Served with plantain chips or organic greens.

Thanks for breakfast Reef! It’s been too long….


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1836 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC

I had mixed feelings about writing a post on Argo Cafe. I was worried that if too many people knew about this amazing restaurant it would get too popular and I’d never be able to get a table, and the prices would go up. But then I Googled Argo Cafe” and realized everybody already knows. I was keeping a secret for nothing. Greedy.

For those who don’t know, Argo is a hole in the wall, off the beaten track. If you are having trouble finding it, look for the crowd of construction workers loitering on the corner. (OR, if you are looking for work as a construction laborer go stand outside the Argo, someone will pick you up).

Argo is open early, and closes early, so you want to get there for lunch. They’ve got a regular menu of standards; breakfast, burgers, clubhouse, chow mein, etc. But you must look past this to the “Daily Specials” menu. There you will find not one, not two or three, but ten or more (!!!) daily specials. And this stuff is gourmet! We’re talking duck confit , stuffed sole, salmon, LOBSTER!!! And now you’re thinking “so what?” or “I can eat that shit anywhere, I live in VANCOUVER!”. Well, the most expensive item on the “Daily Specials” menu is $12.50, that’s SO WHAT.

Justin had the Duck.

Duck with Blueberry Sauce.

Duck with Blueberry Sauce.

And I had the Salmon.

Teriyaki Salmon Salad

Teriyaki Salmon Salad with Mango Salsa

NOM NOM! Nuff said.
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