by victoriatatiana

1530 Venables St, Vancouver, BC


Although this place looks like it’s been here about a million years, it’s actually a new addition to the Commercial Drive hood. There’s a lot of competition for cafes in this neighborhood, and I would have probably passed Liquids + Solids by if my friend hadn’t suggested it.

Liquids + Solids does soups and sandwiches, coffee and tea, cookies and frozen take-away soups. All of which is made on site. The soups and sammys are creative and tasty and most of all cheap!! I think it was about nine bucks for a panini and a soup. Not bad, not bad…

Daily soup selection...

Daily soup selection…

Tuna Diablo Panini with American Onion in Paris soup.

Tuna Diablo Panini with American Onion in Paris soup.

The French Onion soup was amazing. Great flavor! The Tuna Melt tasted a little off to me, but maybe it was just the “Creole” seasoning. I hope.

Montrealer Panini with Wild Part Soup.

Montrealer Panini with Wild Party Soup.

The Montrealer Panini had smoked meat and sourkraut on a hearty loaf. Yum! And the Mushroom soup was not bad either.

I’d go back to Liquids + Solids. I think they’re doing a good job and I hope they last in the hood. NOM NOM.

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