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Month: December, 2012


1836 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC

I had mixed feelings about writing a post on Argo Cafe.¬†I was worried that if too many people knew about this amazing restaurant it would get too popular and I’d never be able to get a table, and the prices would go up. But then I Googled¬†Argo Cafe” and realized everybody already knows. I was keeping a secret for nothing. Greedy.

For those who don’t know, Argo is a hole in the wall, off the beaten track. If you are having trouble finding it, look for the crowd of construction workers loitering on the corner. (OR, if you are looking for work as a construction laborer go stand outside the Argo, someone will pick you up).

Argo is open early, and closes early, so you want to get there for lunch. They’ve got a regular menu of standards; breakfast, burgers, clubhouse, chow mein, etc. But you must look past this to the “Daily Specials” menu. There you will find not one, not two or three, but ten or more (!!!) daily specials. And this stuff is gourmet! We’re talking duck confit , stuffed sole, salmon, LOBSTER!!! And now you’re thinking “so what?” or “I can eat that shit anywhere, I live in VANCOUVER!”. Well, the most expensive item on the “Daily Specials” menu is $12.50, that’s SO WHAT.

Justin had the Duck.

Duck with Blueberry Sauce.

Duck with Blueberry Sauce.

And I had the Salmon.

Teriyaki Salmon Salad

Teriyaki Salmon Salad with Mango Salsa

NOM NOM! Nuff said.
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243 Union St, Vancouver, BC


The 200 block of Union street in Chinatown has changed a lot in the last couple years. The whole block is now filled with boutique shops and restaurants with the exception of one remaining Chinese clothing store and an autoplan brokers. Harvest has been around since last summer, but it took me until now to set foot in the place.



Harvest Community Foods is a combination of a market and a cafe, which seems to be the trend lately in this neighborhood. I don’t know why anyone would come here for the “market” portion of the business, as they sell a totally random selection of products, some of which border on ridiculous. (Two cups of rolled oats in a mason jar…. why?).

But I heard that they added a mean Ramen to the cafe menu, and on a cold rainy day it was just what we were craving.


Ramen w/ pork belly, corn, egg, candied bacon.

Ramen w/ pork belly, corn, egg, candied bacon.

Hazelnut Rice Noodles

Hazelnut Rice Noodles


The Hazelnut Rice Noodles I had were delicious and really filling! And it was vegan! The sauce was made of ground Hazelnuts and it came with smoked chili oil. Considering that there are quite a few Vietnamese places close by to get a cheap bowl of noodles, the price was kind of steep. But I’m a sucker for Asian food with fancy ingredients, so I quite enjoyed it.

I give Harvest a NOM NOM.

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1530 Venables St, Vancouver, BC


Although this place looks like it’s been here about a million years, it’s actually a new addition to the Commercial Drive hood. There’s a lot of competition for cafes in this neighborhood, and I would have probably passed Liquids + Solids by if my friend hadn’t suggested it.

Liquids + Solids does soups and sandwiches, coffee and tea, cookies and frozen take-away soups. All of which is made on site. The soups and sammys are creative and tasty and most of all cheap!! I think it was about nine bucks for a panini and a soup. Not bad, not bad…

Daily soup selection...

Daily soup selection…

Tuna Diablo Panini with American Onion in Paris soup.

Tuna Diablo Panini with American Onion in Paris soup.

The French Onion soup was amazing. Great flavor! The Tuna Melt tasted a little off to me, but maybe it was just the “Creole” seasoning. I hope.

Montrealer Panini with Wild Part Soup.

Montrealer Panini with Wild Party Soup.

The Montrealer Panini had smoked meat and sourkraut on a hearty loaf. Yum! And the Mushroom soup was not bad either.

I’d go back to Liquids + Solids. I think they’re doing a good job and I hope they last in the hood. NOM NOM.

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