by victoriatatiana

406 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

Pho is a staple food in Vancouver. Everyone loves to go for a hot, filling bowl of Pho on a cold day. And everyone has a favorite Pho restaurant.

Sometimes vegetarians feel left out because all Vietnamese food is traditionally made with meat and meat-based broths. Really, there’s no reason that Vietnamese food can’t be made vegetarian, and fortunately a few Vancouver restaurants are finally starting to realize this. (See Three Jewels).

Hanoi Pho is my favorite because it’s a traditional Vietnamese restaurant that has evolved.

Shrimp Salad Rolls

Saucy sauces

Spring Rolls

And of course, the Vegetarian Pho. Jam-packed with fresh veggies and a combo of soft and fried tofu. Throw some beansprouts in, a little cilantro, some Hoisin…. BOOM, delicioso!

Veggie Pho

I give Hanoi Pho a big NOM NOM, for all my vegetarian needs.

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