by victoriatatiana

1190 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC

Pizza again??!!!!

We went for a lovely dinner at Via Tevere last week. Love this place. This Neapolitan pizzeria is on Victoria Dr., just a couple blocks away from Commercial Dr. and its billions of pizza restaurants. One would think this place wouldn’t do well since it’s basically the only restaurant on Victoria, but it seems to always be packed! (And they don’t take reservations, so show up early and get in line).

We started with the “Rucola Con Limone” or Arugula with Lemon salad.

Rucula Con Limone

(Tomato, Fior di Latte, Anchovies, Basil)

(Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Salame Piccante, Capicollo)

Mmmmmmm sooo gooood. But since I’ve already crowned Pizza Farina my #1 Vancouver pizza, I will have to give Via Tevere the honorable position of #2 Vancouver pizza. But it’s a reeeaaallly close 2nd.

Aaaannnd we finished things off with a monster slab of tiramisu, which was divine.


Go check out Via Tevere ASAP.

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