by victoriatatiana

1414 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

By my count, I’d say there’s about nine sushi restaurants on a fifteen block stretch of Commercial Drive. Basically one every other block. Crazy, yes, but sushi really is the “fast food” of Vancouver. When Sake Maki showed up a few years ago it stood out and quickly became the favorite amongst my neighborhood buddies. Sake Maki offers something a little different than the average Vancouver sushi joint. Although they do offer the standard “Bento box”and roll combos, they have a lot of unexpected offerings as well.

Miso Soup

Tobiko and Salmon Nigiri

We tried two of Sake Maki’s 23 famous “Chef’s Special Rolls”. They are all $8.00 and they are all cray cray!! Be sure to try one of these next time you’re here.

Hornby Roll (Spicy Tuna Roll Topped with Mix Scallop)

Volcano Roll (Negitoro Roll Top with Chopped Scallop & Black Sesame Seeds)

Sake Maki, you’re my favorite sushi. I’m glad we are neighbors. NOM NOM!!
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