by victoriatatiana

455 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC

The corner of Pender and Abbott. Lesbian nightclub turned sports bar. Just what Vancouver needs, another Donelly-esq “social house”.

So the place is super generic, nothing special..  about a million TV’s blaring from every corner. BUT I’d heard good things about this place, namely that it has cheap drink and food specials, so I went to check it out.

We got a couple burgs…

Garden Burger

The Garden Burger was ok. I’m pretty sure it was an Yves veggie patty… readily available at your local Safeway. The hummus and veggies on it were a nice touch, but overall it was just ok. The fries, as you can see are intensely deep-fried and heavy. Ugh.

Fiery Blue Cheese Burger

Fiery Blue Cheese (offered as Beef, Chicken OR Buffalo!), was also ok. It’s obviously got a lot going on, I mean look at that bacon peeking out from all sides! That scary mound of blue cheese! Look at that sassy red onion!

The thing is, these burgers were each $14.00. Neither of us felt like we ate $14 meals. I’d say these were $12 burgers at best. For $14 I want my burger to be extra special, not an Yves patty with a pile of greasy overcooked taters.

The Pint is exactly what I expected: Lame sports bar, ok food. Not for me, NUH-UH.
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