Let me try that food… and then I'll tell you about it.

Month: September, 2012


1414 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

By my count, I’d say there’s about nine sushi restaurants on a fifteen block stretch of Commercial Drive. Basically one every other block. Crazy, yes, but sushi really is the “fast food” of Vancouver. When Sake Maki showed up a few years ago it stood out and quickly became the favorite amongst my neighborhood buddies. Sake Maki offers something a little different than the average Vancouver sushi joint. Although they do offer the standard “Bento box”and roll combos, they have a lot of unexpected offerings as well.

Miso Soup

Tobiko and Salmon Nigiri

We tried two of Sake Maki’s 23 famous “Chef’s Special Rolls”. They are all $8.00 and they are all cray cray!! Be sure to try one of these next time you’re here.

Hornby Roll (Spicy Tuna Roll Topped with Mix Scallop)

Volcano Roll (Negitoro Roll Top with Chopped Scallop & Black Sesame Seeds)

Sake Maki, you’re my favorite sushi. I’m glad we are neighbors. NOM NOM!!
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2297 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Campagnolo Roma is a classy Italian restaurant in the Hastings-Sunrise area of East Vancouver.

We ordered a bottle of vino, and a couple pizzas. They did it right.

Margherita (with Arugula added)
fior di latte, tomato sauce, basil

leeks, sungold tomatoes, onions, provalone, garlic


Deeeeeeeelish! I love a good thin crust pizza! Not too soggy, full of flavor, fresh… I definitely recommend Campagnolo Roma. NOM NOM!
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2465 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

So we went on Tuesday to finally check out The Red Wagon. We were excited because that place is so ridiculously popular and we had a rare opportunity to go on a Tuesday for brunch. Nonetheless, we bike up there and find a line up. On a Tuesday!! Who are these people?? Fuck that, we’re going to the Roundel Cafe.

The Roundel is a hole-in-the-wall diner in the Hastings-Sunrise area. It’s pretty cute inside, with arborite tables and built in swivel stools along the bar. The menu is classic diner food, but hippy-fied. As in, you can opt for brown rice instead of hashbowns, and the ketchup is home-made (no good).

We had the Huevos Rancheros and the Corned Beef Hash.

Huevos Rancheros

Corned Beef Hash

The Huevos was good but nothing too exciting. Same with the Hash, which wasn’t really hash at all but pan-fried taters and sliced meet.

Overall I like the place because I’m fond of hippy/healthy food. If that’s not your thing, maybe try someplace else…


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455 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC

The corner of Pender and Abbott. Lesbian nightclub turned sports bar. Just what Vancouver needs, another Donelly-esq “social house”.

So the place is super generic, nothing special..  about a million TV’s blaring from every corner. BUT I’d heard good things about this place, namely that it has cheap drink and food specials, so I went to check it out.

We got a couple burgs…

Garden Burger

The Garden Burger was ok. I’m pretty sure it was an Yves veggie patty… readily available at your local Safeway. The hummus and veggies on it were a nice touch, but overall it was just ok. The fries, as you can see are intensely deep-fried and heavy. Ugh.

Fiery Blue Cheese Burger

Fiery Blue Cheese (offered as Beef, Chicken OR Buffalo!), was also ok. It’s obviously got a lot going on, I mean look at that bacon peeking out from all sides! That scary mound of blue cheese! Look at that sassy red onion!

The thing is, these burgers were each $14.00. Neither of us felt like we ate $14 meals. I’d say these were $12 burgers at best. For $14 I want my burger to be extra special, not an Yves patty with a pile of greasy overcooked taters.

The Pint is exactly what I expected: Lame sports bar, ok food. Not for me, NUH-UH.
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#147 – 1689 Johnston Street, Granville Island, Vancouver

I played tourist in my own city the other day and rode my bike down to Granville Island.

It took me a few laps of the food court area before I finally decided on The Stock Market for lunch. This place has been around for as long as I can remember. They do a couple different soups every day as well as a full freezer section where you can buy a large variety of their soups and stocks to take home for later.

Perfect little lunch.

Warning: If having Pigeons swarming around your ankles and Seagulls dive-bombing your head bothers you, you may want to eat inside.

So much good stuff in there!

I had the Red Snapper and Risotto Chowder. It came with Focacia bread. Delicious, Stock Market really knows their soups! NOM NOM!

Maybe after your soup you feel like you need a little something sweet? Head over to Pzazz and get yourself a scoop of gelato.


Then walk around outside enjoying the view and your delicious gelato. As long as you keep moving the birds won’t attack.

Thanks for a lovely afternoon Granville Island!
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