by victoriatatiana

Nuba: 146 3rd Ave E, Vancouver, BC


I finally tried Nuba! I’ve heard so many good things about this place over the last couple years, so I’m happy I finally tried it. I had the Najib’s Special plate, which was some kind of deliciously prepared cauliflower with sides of roasted potatoes, salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and pita. A lot of food!!


Najib’s Special

My Mom got the Fattoush Salad with an add-on of two falafels. The salad sounded really hearty in the menu, with chickpeas, tomatoes and cabbage, but it looked kind of sparse to me. My mom said there were around 7 chickpeas in the salad. Some kind of vinaigrette dressing… the whole thing looked a little underwhelming to me.


Fattoush Salad

Overall, the food was good. Tasty, fresh, healthy. Was it amazing? No. Was it unlike anything I’ve had before? No. But I do love me some good, healthy comfort food, and I’d love to go back and try some more! NOM NOM.


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