by victoriatatiana

Tacofino Food Truck- Howe at Robson (and various locations)

Do you love Tacos! Me too!!!!

I especially like getting tacos from Tacofino, they are my favourite. Today I got the Black Bean Taco and the Fish Taco. The Black Bean is my fave…. corn tortilla, heap of black beans, fresh tomato salsa, feta cheese and a squeeze of lime. One of these is a meal in itself! The Fish Taco is battered cod with chipotle mayo and shredded cabbage. Yum!

Fish Taco and Black Bean Taco

Other than Tacos, Tacofino also offers a delicious Lime+ Mint Freshie and an amazing Chocolate Diablo Cookie for dessert.  I usually find Tacofino downtown during lunch hour. There is a great iPhone app called Street Food Vancouver that tells you where all the local food trucks are at what times. Tacofino is not to be missed… NOM NOM!!

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