Let me try that food… and then I'll tell you about it.

Month: July, 2012


322 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC


PInche” apparently is a slang Spanish word for “fucking”, and that’s just what La Taqueria is; a “fucking taco shop”.

And that’s why it’s successful. It’s not trying to do or be anything fancy, it’s just a small shop where you can pop in, sit down for a few minutes and eat a few tacos. Super simple.. 12 different taco flavors, a couple drinks, cheap prices and a nice place to sit and enjoy lunch.


De Picadillo, Pescado, Frijoles Charros Con Queso

I like this place. I like the decor. I like the prices. I like that I can pop in and eat 2 tacos for $4 if I just feel like a healthy little snack. Are they the best tacos in town? I don’t think so. But they are definitely tasty pinche tacos!


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162 Water St, Vancouver, BC


Pourhouse makes the best cocktails in Vancouver.

…. in my opinion. Their drink menu is an ever-changing list of classic cocktails, most featuring exotic ingredients I have never even heard of. If you are unsure when ordering, ask any of their staff to help you choose. They will ask you a few questions about what sorts of alcohols and flavors you enjoy, and then they will mix you up the strongest, tastiest “hits-the-spot-iest” cocktail you’ve ever had. Usually after three of these I’m looking like the guy in the picture above.

Jefferson County

Food at this lovely establishment is equally delicious. We tried a few things…

Pomme Frites

Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg

Bacon Wrapped Prunes!

Devils on Horseback

Smoked Salmon, Potato and Fava Bean Salad, Egg Vinaigrette

Grilled Cheese with Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Every last bite was enjoyed by all! Pourhouse is definitely in my top ten favorite restaurants in Vancouver. Great food, amazing drinks, fantastic service, as well as a lovely ambiance (the decor is fabulous). NOM NOM!!

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Nuba: 146 3rd Ave E, Vancouver, BC


I finally tried Nuba! I’ve heard so many good things about this place over the last couple years, so I’m happy I finally tried it. I had the Najib’s Special plate, which was some kind of deliciously prepared cauliflower with sides of roasted potatoes, salad, pickled cabbage, hummus and pita. A lot of food!!


Najib’s Special

My Mom got the Fattoush Salad with an add-on of two falafels. The salad sounded really hearty in the menu, with chickpeas, tomatoes and cabbage, but it looked kind of sparse to me. My mom said there were around 7 chickpeas in the salad. Some kind of vinaigrette dressing… the whole thing looked a little underwhelming to me.


Fattoush Salad

Overall, the food was good. Tasty, fresh, healthy. Was it amazing? No. Was it unlike anything I’ve had before? No. But I do love me some good, healthy comfort food, and I’d love to go back and try some more! NOM NOM.


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Caffe Brixton: 212 E Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC


Potato Pizza with Parmesan Cream and Arugula

Went to the Brixton for an early dinner with some friends. I like the Brixton, it is a nice space, good atmosphere. The menu looked really good too, with lots of healthy and vegetarian options. We shared a few things… The Potato Pizza¬†sounded pretty amazing, but didn’t live up to expectations. It was more of a flatbread with a few sliced potatoes on it. The arugula was a nice touch, but it really could have used some more flavors, and more cheese… way more cheese.

Not realizing we were already getting arugula on our pizza, we also ordered the Arugula Salad. A double arugula situation!
The salad was ok. Again, not much to it. The dressing was supposed to be some kind of lemony vinaigrette, but we couldn’t taste much lemon. Meh.

Lemony Arugula Salad with Parmesan

Although the food was not that exciting, I would probably go back for the atmosphere and the drinks (Some delicious Margaritas!). I’ll give it a single NOM.

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Tacofino Food Truck- Howe at Robson (and various locations)

Do you love Tacos! Me too!!!!

I especially like getting tacos from Tacofino, they are my favourite. Today I got the Black Bean Taco and the Fish Taco. The Black Bean is my fave…. corn tortilla, heap of black beans, fresh tomato salsa, feta cheese and a squeeze of lime. One of these is a meal in itself! The Fish Taco is battered cod with chipotle mayo and shredded cabbage. Yum!

Fish Taco and Black Bean Taco

Other than Tacos, Tacofino also offers a delicious Lime+ Mint Freshie and an amazing Chocolate Diablo Cookie for dessert.¬† I usually find Tacofino downtown during lunch hour. There is a great iPhone app called Street Food Vancouver that tells you where all the local food trucks are at what times. Tacofino is not to be missed… NOM NOM!!

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